Thoughts on Steve Jobs Biography

I recently finished reading biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. It's a great book that shows Jobs not only from his side but also as perceived by his friends and enemies. After reading the book, I can certainly say that Steve Jobs was a complicated person. I can't say... [Read More]

Fun with Intel TBB and Boost.Proto

Intel Threading Building BlocksAs the hardware engineers cram more and more cores into the processors, software engineers are left to ponder about how to best exploit these new capabilities. Intel offers an open source C++ library they call Threading Building Blocks (TBB). Akin to competing solutions (OpenMP, GCD, PPL), the... [Read More]
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Deferring execution

Go language has defer statements which allow for postponing execution of a function or method call until the end of the current function. Similarly, D has scope guard statements which allow statement execution to be delayed until the end of the scope (optionally specified to only execute under successful or failed scenarios).GoDlock(l)// unlocking happens... [Read More]
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Recursing constexpr - Part II

In the previous post, we developed a logarithmic depth accumulate() function that can be used to emulate a for-loop. In this post, we'll look at how to construct a function that emulates a while-loop with the recursive depth of O(lg(n)) where n is the number of iterations of the while-loop.... [Read More]