forkfs: making any directory into a throw away directory

I recently needed to work on two git branches simultaneously. My particular use case required me to make small changes to both branches, rebuild and run. These were temporary changes that I was going to blow away at the end. One approach could have been to have two clones of... [Read More]

LastPark: my first iPhone app gone wrong

I decided to venture out into the unknown -- iOS development. My first app -- LastPark -- saves the last location where the car was parked. I was solely trying to scratch a personal itch as I often forget on what street or what end of the parking lot I... [Read More]
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Lazy approach to assignment operators

Most of the time we don't have to worry about defining copy/move constructors and assignment operators -- the compiler happily generates them for us. Sometimes, however, we must do the dirty work ourselves and code them up manually, often together with the destructor. By hand crafting the assignment operators, we... [Read More]
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Folding SSL/TLS into TCP to gain efficiency

In this post, I will divert from my usual topic of C++ to jog down my thoughts about TCP and SSL.  I have limited knowledge of networking and even more limited understanding of security so my ramblings here might be full of flaws and security holes. Nevertheless, I thought it... [Read More]
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On List Comprehension in C++

Many programming languages take inspiration from the language of mathematics and emulate Set-builder Notation. Take for instance the following set, specified by the set-builder notation:Haskell, for example, has List Comprehension syntax which allows for expressing the above set as:[x^2 | x <- [0..], x > 5]C# supports LINQ, which borrows... [Read More]
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